vase Tombola, prototype one

Cent mille milliards de vases (Hundred thousand billion vases) shows the research and results of Mendel Heit's residency Je t'aime moi non plus, an idea by Ergastule and My Monkey.

exhibition at the My Monkey gallery: 8 January to 6 February 2015
opening: 08.01.2015 at 18:30
Open: Wed->Fri, from 13:00 to 18:00 and by appointment
15, rue du Faubourg des 3 Maisons | 54000 Nancy (France)
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What ways can we implement to produce a serial object, and to obtain unique pieces at each iteration?
The production of objects in the contemporary context raises the question of the human trace and the uniqueness of these creations. In the middle of an industrial world where manufacturing is increasingly digitized, alongside reborn fine craftsmanship, Mendel's research has been directed toward the development of a human-scale editing process, attempting to combine mass production and uniqueness.
The resources made available by Ergastule allowed him to explore and identify the necessary tools and manufacturing steps to create such objects.
The proposal presented in this exhibition combines randomness, modularity and generative design with manual techniques, but also digital, traditional and local ones. On the occasion of this residence, the artist and the association publish a vase edition: Tombola.

Residency and Exhibition made with the support of the Regional Council of Lorraine, in the context of the residency program by Ergastule and My Monkey entitled Je t’aime, moi non plus - a dialogue between craftsmanship and contemporary art.
Made possible with the kind support of CERFAV, national innovation center of glass crafts (Vannes-le-Châtel, F).

Merci à l'équipe d'Ergastule, de My Monkey, du CERFAV - en particulier à Manuel Diemer, et Julie Bernaudin de l'atelier des grès flammés de Rambervillers, et tous ceux qui ont apporté leur aide et leur soutien.