Glass Tombola
generative vase, 2017
colored mouthblown glass
18cm diameter, various heights between 11 and 30 cm

By combining a generative idea and a traditional fabrication process, every piece made is exclusive.
Only when the 128 3d-printed blocks that create the mold are put back together, a generative
process happens: the order of the blocks is never the same, thus the vases are always a little
different in their outside structure - therefore unique.
Once blown, the mold opens like a puzzle. This vase is being produced with an infinite combinatory production process.
Tombola has been developped in collaboration with multiple craftsmen to allow experiments and
optimizations along the way.

Video at:
Prototypes made with the kind support of CERFAV de Vannes-le-Châtel, FRANCE
Prototype Mold made with the kind support of G.tecz Engineering GmbH, Kassel, GERMANY
photo credits :© photo Nicolette Humbert / CERFAV