stoneware of Rambervillers: pic: Aïda Salahovic

Tombola, white earthenware vase, glossy colored glaze inside, 2015
multiple edited by Ergastule

This vase is being produced with an infinite combinatory production process.

The whole project is also presented at the exhibition Mille milliards de vases at the gallery My Monkey - made with the support of the Regional Council of Lorraine, in the context of the residency program by Ergastule and My Monkey entitled Je t’aime, moi non plus - a dialogue between craftsmanship and contemporary art.
The glass pieces were made with the kind support of CERFAV, national innovation center of glass crafts (Vannes-le-Châtel, F) and the help of Manuel Diemer.

Pieces in Grès Flammé made possible by Julie Bernaudin at the atelier des grès flammés, in Rambervillers (F).