REFRACT: Contemporary glass design. Traditional techniques.
Curated by Róisín de Buitléar.
City Hall
Waterford City
28th of May - 19th of September

ID2015 Celebrating the Year of Design in Ireland.
Refract will present the work of twenty glass designers from Britain, Czech Republic, Columbia, Costa Rica, Demark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, and the USA.

Featuring work by:
François Azambourg, Thibaut Allgayer, Vic Bamforth, Juli Bolanos, Marc Braun, CIAV, Mendel Heit, John Kiely, Krista Isreal, Lucie Koldova, Malfatti Glass, Camilla Moberg, Ingrid Reugemer, Studio Brichet Ziegler, Jeremy Maxwell , Noccu, Wintrebert, Sarah Wiberley, V8 Designers and Heikki Viinikainen.
Waterford City, renowned the world over for its luxurious crystal treasures, is about to embark on a new voyage in glass design. This summer, Waterford City Hall will host an exciting exhibition of captivating, contemporary glass objects. This exhibition will showcase top international glass design including lighting, tableware, and vessels, showing innovations in design directions and in glass production.

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