Study for a silver light: photo: Sarah Ledant

In January 2012 I went to Nový Bor, along with 20 other glassblowers and designers to the second workshop of the project Glass is tomorrow, the theme was silvered glass.
I was lucky enough to work with the Verreum Glassmakers, Matteo Gonet (CH) and Rea Moisio (FI).
We worked on the pieces Auspuff, vase & containers as well as on the silvered light study

Pro Materia and its co-organizing partners, [CIAV]- CentreInternational d’Art Verrier, VERREUM, Iittala and Vessel Gallery, are proud to announce the participation of the exhibition GLASS IS TOMORROW to the MOST SALONE during the prestigious Milan Design Week. GLASS IS TOMORROW’s collection will be hosted from 9 until 14 April 2013 at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia in Milan where MOST takes place.

Most Salone
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia,
Via Olona 6B
20123 Milan

Exhibition from 8 until 14 April 2013
10-21.00 except Wedn 10 and Sund 14 April until 18.00
Opening: Tuesday 9 April
press preview: Monday 8 April from 3 pm

Born in June 2011, with the support of the European Union program called «Culture» (2007-2013), the project Glass is Tomorrow is becoming a European network that aims to establish a smoother exchange of knowledge and skills between glass and design professionals.

Glass is Tomorrow seeks to highlight and optimize the existing synergies between tandems composed of European glass makers and designers across 60 creations thought and designed to develop new types of everyday objects.

Werner Aisslinger (DE), Lena Bergström (SE), Pierre Bindreiff/V8 (FR), Tim Brauns (DE), Studio Brichet -Ziegler (FR), Tina Bunyaprasit (DE), Studio Bystro Design (CZ), Sebastien Cordoleani (FR), Pierre Favresse (FR), Sébastien Geissert/V8 (FR), Verena Gompf (D), Alfredo Häberli (CH), Mendel Heit (DE), Sebastien Herkner (D), Klára Horáčková (CZ), Lucie Koldova (CZ), Wing Lam Kwok (BE), Arik Levy (FR), Cecilie Manz (DK), Studio Olgoj Chorchoj (CZ), Dagmar Pánková (CZ), Rony Plesl (CZ), Tadéas Podracký (CZ), Leoš Smejkal (CZ), Maxim Velcovsky (CZ), Hubert Verstraeten (BE), Heikki Viinikainen (FI), Dan Yeffet (ISR).

Antoine Brodin (FR), Róisín de Buitleár (IR), Jacky Fauster (FR), Matteo Gonet (CH), Sara Hulkkonen (FI), Thibault Lafleuri (FR), Richard Loesel (FR), Michal Masek (CZ), Sébastien Maurer (FR), Rea Moisio (FI), Jean-Marc Schilt (FR), Martin Štefánek (CZ), Deborah Vollmer (FR), Jeremy Wintrebert (FR), Iittala glass blowers in Nuutajärvi, Verreum glass blowers in Novy Bor.