The MakerLab Milan took place between 12-18 April 2011 as part of the Public Design Festival during the Milan Design Week.

Maker Lab Milan:
At the MakerLab Milan, we provided a focal point for the community to take actions to positively hack their urban environment. Bringing tools, resources and expertise from Berlin, the MakerLab Milan will collaborate directly with different elements of the Milan Maker, Hacker and Public Culture to share skills, ideas and tools with which the community of Milan can engage in a physical dialogue with their public space. If you wanna know more check:
a full press review here:

"2009 AD" by Olivier Girardot:

Mainly taken by Lea Kolling:
also some by Georgina Espeza:
and a very few by Mendel Heit:

The MakerLab Milan was shaped and realized by all the participants that came along:
Kito Colchester -
Jay Cousins -
Travis Meinolf -
Anna Iwansson and Régis Lemberthe -
Mendel Heit –
Julia Vernerson -
Pedro Pineda -
Miguel -
Georgina Espasa -
Lea Kolling -

Organized by Mendel Heit (Mendel Heit Design Lab), Jay Cousins (Open Design City), Pedro Pineda (We Creative People)

In collaboration with DMY-Berlin
Supported by Create Berlin, Esterni, Planet Modulor, the Anxious Prop and the Franz Hagemann
GmbH & Co.KG, Public Design Festival
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A MakerLab is a space where people come together to share ideas, skills, tools and resources over a preset period of time. It is a space for co-production and creation. Autonomy and participation are encouraged, and the outcomes unexpected.

A good MakerLab provides both participants and initiators the opportunity to help co-create the event.

The first MakerLab took place in 2010 at the DMY Design Festival, it was the product of many initiators. You can build your own MakerLab under a creative commons attribution share-alike license.

The MakerLab construct belongs to everybody, however we kindly ask that you link to this page and contribute toour shared experience. Also if you would like to organise you’re own MakerLab please get in touch so you can promote your activities through this site.