Spin, Schuss, Flip – It´s all incomprehensible to you? We feel the same way! 13 interdisciplinary designers challenge you to a different kind of merry go round ping pong match.
You think you can play pong? Premier league, concrete slab hero or playground champion?
So much the better! But have you ever played with a foot? Or with a hatchet? Bring your own creativity to the table and design your very own paddle on location. Collect crowns and expand your network at what may be the most absurd merry go round pong tournament in the world.

Come visit us at the DMY 2012 in Berlin (06.06.2012 – 10.06.2012)
Official tournaments with award ceremony, 4pm daily

You want the ultimate challenge? Design your very own paddle! Back in the days people played pong with books and frying pans, today we want to see what you bring to the table!

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