July 11, 2017   ·   lamp,light,bedside lamp

Whether it reminds us of the lamps on construction sites or headlights of old cars, 'Blink' introduces a new and unexpected element into our homes. The mouth blown glass shades are combined with familiar colored patterns to create light effects. Enhanced by soft indirect light, the glass encircles a luminous volume made of light. This is how 'Blink' sets off your fantasy and becomes a lamp made for dreaming. With variable luminous intensities, 'Blink' can be a night light as well as an ornamental lamp.


bedside lamp, 2017
concrete, brass tube, mouthblown colored glass
G4 socket LED 12/220v - dimmable, 17x22x9cm


Mendel HEIT, Paul Thüroff
photo credits: Paul Thüroff / MHDL


Prototypes made with the kind support of MEISENTHAL FRANCE
high quality lamp parts kindly provided by EMC Colosio